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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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germany's bundestag election two thousand and seventeen. page tag germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. two watching t w news coming to you live from berlin be outdoors on science or cheap breaks her silence on the rohinton refugee crisis she condemns the violence but that has not silence the global criticism of her human rights groups say she's burying her head in the sand about what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing also coming up hurricane maria devastates the small
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caribbean island of dominic and is now sweeping towards predator eco in the burgeoning islands which are still coping with the aftermath of hurricane. hello i'm terry martin thanks for being with us you know on mars defacto leader has broken her silence on the road hinge a refugee crisis an army led crackdown has driven more than four hundred thousand minority muslims into bangladesh triggering a major humanitarian emergency so she's national address was highly anticipated she's been facing intense criticism for remaining silent on what the u.n. is now describing as ethnic cleansing let's listen to some of her speech. there has been much concern around the words that they got to the situation in the kind it is
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not the intention of the government to apportion blame all to epona gauge responsibility we condemn all human rights violations and unlawful violence we are committed to the restoration of peace stability and rule of law throughout the states since the fifth of september there have been no armed clashes and that afternoon clearance operation nevertheless we are concerned to hear that numbers of muslims are fleeing across the border two hundred days. we want to find out why this exodus is happening. and of course that was beyond our civilian leader on sponsor chey there giving a national address which is also being followed at the united nations general assembly today well for more on the story i'm joined now by all of this tease from amnesty international he joins us from bangkok you know your organization has just
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put out a statement saying the government had quote their heads in the sand concerning the revenge refugee crisis what do you mean by that. oh you know thanks or i'm going to have you know i think the most confirm anything about institutions. you know but look to living here to violations of meaning in your kind of state of security forces was. that what many of the right decisions look it's clearly ethnic cleansing unfolding this is a vicious new trick and they didn't storm that thing though your populations all it's been protected by the army by the police or security forces fortunately on such a kind of shootings that it really took the talks against the army but she failed to do so. as long as she under government if it's recognized the reality of what's going on in myanmar it's very difficult to see a solution to see now sochi is obviously in a tight spot over the ridge
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a crisis with the military still calling the shots in myanmar does this whole song sochi really have any other choice but to mute her criticism of the military at this point and do what she at least in public can do what she can behind the scenes to help the ranger. no absolutely you're talking about essentially two governments of the heart but a military controls not just security forces but also many other key elements of the state there's no question the military is controlling what's going on there are soldiers and police officers who are responsible for violations the kill lukes the burning spouses it's not a sunni government but having said mother of two she. could and should be doing much much more which is do not think there are signs that it's only if you're looking at something impunity she has considerable of moral and political clout we
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should be able to really speak out and condemn what's going on and she does also our political power to really talking courses that this commission has been going on for decades and we can stay against going into so for a very very little has been done on this well what would you expect also also jean suchi then to do in this crisis right now to help address it. i think one thing we would like to see which is something dark your best and. she she claimed that the medium of government does not fear international scrutiny but in fact was always the last couple months of this meeting or according to make every effort to to avoid any form of accountability and from these national oversight. of what is happening with her in states and in particular for its own security forces there was a. fact finding mission that was astonished and it is here which is tasked with
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investigating your motivations your heart and. then you have a lot of them to do this too but where is this man's. mr bloomquist thank you so much for talking with us that was first there from amnesty international in bangkok . well as we mentioned more than four hundred thousand muslims have now fled across the border into bangladesh from myanmar they are languishing in desperately overcrowded conditions and one of the world's largest refugee camps he. sent us this report from bangladesh. they keep on coming. more than four hundred ten thousand refugees from me and mark have already crossed the border into bangladesh and no one knows how many will still arrive. in the camps the situation is already at a breaking point. food water shelter everything is scarce here. many of the aid deliveries are organized by private bangladeshi citizens.
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and. if we do not help the government of bangladesh this problem will be difficult to solve and how do we don knotts not see the refugees are getting increasingly desperate and distributing aid to those who really need it can't be done from the back of a truck. the problem with the way this aid is being delivered is that it doesn't reach everyone and that it's a matter of luck and sometimes even the physical strength if you get some or not but there are hundreds of thousands of people here who are all desperately in need of food water and medicine and what they really need is a large scale coordinated relief effort some forty kilometers north lies the hospital of cox's bazaar the district capital. here doctors are treating around thirty rohingya refugees with severe injuries. they have sustained
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burns broken limbs and gunshot wounds. the hospital only has two hundred fifty beds and was already overstretched before the refugees arrived. and this influx due to the. has been a great burden to us because these patients are huge in number diversity injuries and difficult to manage injuries from infected cases or cases of coming with the existing resources existing medicine existing meant to be difficult for us to deal with this influx outside the hospital locals voiced their resentment towards the rohingya refugees. that only because of the road our country is suffering greatly many of them break the law they steal they drop us and the women work as prostitutes.
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here is eighty five percent ninety percent so we don't. other the other something we don't get them. people don't get the service in our country back in the camps bangladeshi authorities are trying to manage the chaos. the government has designated an area to house four hundred thousand refugees where aid can be properly distributed. but with hunger and illness spreading it's a race against time. now smother stories making headlines around the world today spain has become the latest country to scale back ties with north korea and in protest over its recent nuclear tests spanish stories have ordered north korea's and bastard to leave the country by the end of the month un security council impose new sanctions on khan yang after its sixth and largest nuclear test this month.
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suicide bombings in nigeria have killed at least twelve people and injured more than twenty at least two blasts hit a settlement in the northeastern state of borna witnesses say the bombers detonated their devices at a gathering of farmers the region is at the center of the islamist boko haram insurgency. and could also hear pistorius is six year jail term be extended south africa's state prosecutors seeking a harsher punishment for the olympic and paralympic star are to present their arguments to the court of appeal on november third historias was sentenced last year for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. has described hurricane maria as devastating and mind boggling this after the storm swept over the small caribbean island maria is now charging toward a string of islands already devastated by hurricane irma it has slightly weakened
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but it remains extremely dangerous here again maria is pounding the french island of guadalupe and causing flights well much niek it's a similar story on the island of bimini. its prime minister a ruthless safe garrett has recorded his harrowing experience on social media he said he didn't know what was happening outside as the storm surge and didn't even down look out and now later his roof was gone. many of the islands on high alert for maria a serial ring from hurricane this month. is one of them here people are bracing for another potential disaster a similar scene in puerto rico shelves in supermarkets emptied as residents stockpile supplies the u.s.
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territory could receive a direct hit from the. right now we are not prepared for the next hurricane because we're still recovering from the last one two weeks ago where to rico is not prepared for this we are going to have a bad time of it we asked almighty god to get us through this without serious damage. maria has been downgraded to a category four hurricane but it could strengthen again as it moves towards poor to rico and the virgin islands. well jeffrey soccer and is the host of island ninety two radio in st maarten in the virgin islands and joins us now on the line what is the situation there in st maarten right now are you prepared for maria . we are as prepared as one can be for maria i will tell you that. i think we are going to be spared if we look at the current forecast
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track the brunt of maria looks like we're going to be more in the trouble storm wind and rain category with maria with winds between fifty eight seventy three miles an hour expecting a lot of rain a fair amount of wind but. i think everyone here on the island was. breathing a deep sigh of relief as this particular storm started to stay a little further south than we originally thought just a couple days ago it is it has been a experience to live through this is you walk around and talk to people on the street here the the level of anxiety is palpable you truly can see the fear. in people's eyes as you talk to your neighbor thank you so much jeffrey jeffrey in soccer it's up for soccer and radio hosts with island ninety two
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in st maarten in the virgin. and just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today before we go on mars leader aung san suu kyi has broken his silence on the flight over a hinge of muslims to neighboring bangladesh she invited outside observers to visit areas hit by violence but u.n. human rights investigators say myanmar's government has denied them permission to go there. and don't forget with the german election coming up you can join the discussion on that this weekend by following to w.'s campaign germany decides there's full coverage on d w dot com you can get updates on our d.w. news facebook page too or just follow us on twitter and use the germany besides hash tag our social media team is waiting to hear from you.
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election course coming up on sunday and we'll be providing lots of live coverage for you as the results do come in and that's all you news for now sue me will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin meanwhile you can get all the latest news and information online a t w dot com thanks for watching. rationalists are on the rise with worldwide to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking your number one story to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what the nation need to use. it's a c.n.n. story join the conversation here on to tell them you want to tough.


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